• “All Kids Are a Lifetime Investment” ‎ -‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Daniel L. Hernandez Founder ICG

    Celebrating 50 Years of the Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner City Games. 
  • Dynamic Sports, Education, Enrichment and Outreach Programs

    Through a unique brand of community based policing.  
  • We rely on the generosity and commitments from our supporters

    Help us ensure a brighter future for our youth.
  • Passionately working for positivity brighter future

    Support and cultivate a brighter future for us all!
  • A pioneering model influencing for our nation

    Together We are Inner City Games!  

Hollenbeck Youth Center celebrates 50 years of service to the Community.

Transforming Chaos to Community for Five Decades

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Post pandemic, “We Are Inner-City Games” will once again engage tens of thousands of L.A. residents from all sectors of the city to replicate the same deep-seated sense of community purpose that energized, inspired and carried us from 1992 to today. Please join our campaign.

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  • I’m proud of my involvement in both Hollenbeck’s annual Christmas Toy Giveaway and Inner-City Games for more than four decades and commend Hollenbeck’s commitment to a better future for America’s youth.

  • As far as I know, Hollenbeck is one of the first successful examples of Community Based Policing in Los Angeles, and perhaps even in the country.